The Cost of Good Health

Here is a guide to the investment needed to address your chronic health issues:

  • The first visit usually takes about 60-90 minutes. Follow-up visits typically take 45-60 minutes.
  • We offer a discounted rate of $200 per hour (billed in 15-min. increments) for patients paying out-of-pocket.
  • Nutritional supplements are an additional charge and the cost of these varies.

The EMR and Patient Portal

  • All patient records, supplements and visit summaries are kept securely in our EMR system and accessible
    through your personal Patient Portal.
  • A full After Visit Summary (AVS) is posted to the Patient Portal after each visit and is accessible online.
  • Any questions you have can be posted in the Portal and will be answered as part of our patient care policy. All questions and answers are available at any time for review.

The Journey Back to Health

  • How important is good health to you?
  • How much is your chronic ill health really costing you?
  • How long have you been suffering and not addressing the underlying causes of your condition?
  • Are you ready to work towards a goal –  to regain control of your health and enjoy life free of pain and full of energy?

Are you ready to start the Journey back
to Health – Together?

  • SJFM can bill PPO insurance for your office visits but benefits in most cases is out-of-network
    as we only contract with Cigna PPO plans.
  • Some of the lab work we do is covered by PPO insurance. However, some of the more specialized testing we use may not be covered by insurance. Most FSA and HSA plans can be used for lab testing.
  • Most FSA and HSA plans also cover nutritional supplements.


You can have your insurance coverage verified by our billing service by completing the following form:

Verify My Insurance Coverage

Functional Medicine seeks to restore normal body Function


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